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As a distributor of French cosmetic brands on the Chinese market, our goal is to unearth these high potential nuggets that are not known!

China is a global market offering unlimited possibilities for European cosmetic brands. Therefore, our mission is to accompany adventurers with this ambition, to establish themselves efficiently and in the long term in the Chinese market.

The synergy between our Chinese team, born and based in France, and our Chinese partners established in the biggest cities of China, makes the success of the global brands we accompany in Asia.

Discover the brands we distribute and their success stories.

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Our values
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Our passion for the world of cosmetics and skincare pushes us to always be aware of the latest market trends. Our active monitoring allows us to propose an international benchmark, constantly updated, and thus to help our partners in the relevance of their developments.

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We develop relationships with our clients based on trust in the respect of the given mission and in our ability to keep our commitments. The rigorous management and the transparency of our family business are pledges that allow us to undertake with our customers in a serene way.

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We take to heart to respect our commitments. Know-how, rigor and reactivity, our teams fully invest themselves in their work by studying your project with your teams beforehand in order to determine its potential and the objectives that will be achievable in the long term.

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Our experience
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Our passion for this business drives us to find the brands that offer constant innovation. Our team studies the products, their compositions, and the communication strategies in order to select the actors who will make the market of tomorrow.

Our legal watch allows us to be up to date on the constraints and new market opportunities. Finally, the close collaboration we maintain with our partners allows us to accompany them in the development of their range and their marketing to make them successful.